“Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate style chameleon. She never locks herself in a box. She is out there trying everything new and setting the bar high,” said Anaita Shroff Adajania, Fashion Director, Vogue India.

Sonam Kapoor is currently busy with multiple things. She is shooting for Balki’s film Padman alongsideAkshay Kumar. She has just launched a fashion brand in collaboration with her sisterRhea Kapoor, she will also be seen in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic directed by Raju Hirani, and she is all ready to star in her sister’s debut film Veere Di Wedding alongside Kareena Kapoor Khan and Swara Bhaskar. In the middle of all this, she ruled the red carpet of Cannes 2017 with her appearance.

Now, she is back and on the cover of Vogue magazine. The actor looks stunning! She shared it on her official Instagram page and said, “‘Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.’ — Bill Cunningham.”

She is fire, She is bold. Sonam kapoor in her recent shoot with Vogue India has turned tables. With outlandish and preposterous glam and confidence the 31 year old actress has set fashion goals to a touchstone. With those ornamented and elegant prints, some splash of royal pastel shades and exaggerated frills vogue has put forth a year of spentabulous fashion trends ahead and one of their kind.


Rocking this out fit Sonam Kapoor with huge star prints all over the gown complimented with a contrast combination of colors striking the bars high. Her dusky complexion a cherry on the cake is adding details which make her look sexy even without a piece of jewel on. It feels like jazz music coming alive with so many prints on the gown, we feel a balance of calmness and boldness at the same time. Without a doubt her messed up jazzy hair makes her look sensuous and intimate. Her eyes telling tales of her beautiful free mind while her lips chant tales of love and sanguine.



The first things that strike you heart is the choice of a smooth and harmonious pastel and the amiable flow of the gown. The drape of the fabric around Sonam Kapoor is an example of what sexy in style means. A jaw dropping design by Divya Jagwani. Messy hair shades saluting the all over outfit and the setting. It has the most imposed calmness in it with the tint of Fire all around her making her more tempting, She is impersonating an unattainable goddess, like a mermaid swaying away. She is a myth but deep inside she exists in our thoughts. She cannot be captivated. She is bold beautiful and free!


Take a few minutes off this goddess and look at the whole setting of the picture. Shades of the sun on the dusky huge rocks and the red flowers like a glaze of combustion staring at the goddess herself. It seems as they are protecting her and her beauty from the outer world. Sonam Kapoor jouncing this heavily frilled skirt with a leather belt on her waist. Like a warrior who is back from her fight and everyone is unaware of her grace and delicacy .

Paired with a black crop, this blue skirt is like the deep blue ocean with tremendous waves swashing the shore. The shore is her bare skin and the rocks her bones. She fingers are the flags of safety for the drowning men in her charm. Having this outfit in your wardrobe for a trip to the Maldives will be an icing on your brownie!


As she walks down the stairs, she takes us by revelation. The white dress itself defines it. It is a definition of sexy, elegant and dauntless. A mix of fabric explorations is noticeable here. Use of soft net of a graceful fall adds chastity and as she walks she leaves her chivalric taste behind.

She is without down carrying the outfit like a jewel while the slant frill on top is the focus here. Fashion forecasts stating deconstruction has been used in minimal accounts which adds to the intimacy of the wear. Designer Divya has done justice to this garment in everyway, and vogue has definitely made sure that Sonam Kapoor,  acclaims it back and forth!


We would like to start with the color story a perfect contrast tale of pastel green with bloody red is stealing away a lot of attention. The way the fabric is curling at the frills makes the cascades look concealed and hiding her mysteries inside. The mermaid skirt on the other hand looks like the it was made to love her body. The way it hold onto her curves in nothing but sheer elegantly sexy ! She is a vagabond , free from all bonds roaming on the streets of Rome in search of something she has never seen before. In search of realism, in search of truth.


and finally our personal favourite, the gown tells us two stories together. About a princess who is strong like a king and soft like the queen. The use of soft nets to show a flow of her gown shows her delicate heart while the upper half of the garment is with a use of bold primary colors and white highlighting her valiant nature. She has untold dreams in her eyes and she is unstoppable. She is a goddess and fashion is her armour.


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